Creating folders on your iPad

Creating folders on your iPad (in 3 easy steps)

If you are familiar with any Windows or Mac PC environment you will understand the need to create folders to store like or similar items, sort of cleaning up your iPad and maximizing your screen real estate.

To create a folder press and hold the icon/application(s) you want to combine until you see the synchronized "apple funky chicken dance." Press+hold and drag the icon on top of the icon you want to combine into a single folder. You allowed up to 20 icons per folder on the iPad unlike 9 for the iPhone. The ability to create folders is a welcome addition to the iPad.

Once you have completed this action you will be allowed to change the name of the folder to help you recognize the group you just created. My wife seems to better at naming her groups than I am. Below are suggested names for your grouped icons to help you find them once you have tucked them away in their new consolidated home. Apple does a pretty good job of recommending names of your folder.
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