Getting Started

 Getting Started

You are now the owner of a shiny new iPad. What a wonderful feeling.  It was just like yesterday when I picked up my new iPad.  I was so excited I could barely contain myself.  I opened the packaged then said "what next?"  In the "Getting Started" section we will cover activities and settings before and after your first use.

First things first - setting your screen passcode lock!

Setting your security pass code on your iPad...

You are now the owner of a new iPad. What a wonderful feeling whether you are child or an adult the excitement and imagination of the new and amazing things you iPad will do for you is boundless. You will find that your newly discovered toy/best friend needs to be secured. The iPad comes with a feature that allows you to set a pass code to access the content on the device. Why would I want to delay having acres to my favorite device of all times you might ask? The same way you feel is the same way some scrupulous person may feel when you accidentally leave your shiny new iPad unattended. Ask my wife how important it is to set a pass code for your device after she left the 800 euro two week old iPhone in the back of a taxi in Paris. Fortunately the phone was password protected but imagine if it was not. The person who fund then phone would have had a two week old phone free of charge compliments of Mrs. Jones.

To set your password protection on your new iPad select "Settings > General > Passcode Lock." Select "ON" for the pass code and follow the instructions.

I suggest the following settings below:

  • Security Pass code = ON
  • Auto-Lock=ON
  • Change background=YES
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